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Mel Ashworth
Mel Ashworth:

Case Studies - Customer Service

Compton Verney
Compton Verney is a Warwickshire based gallery of international standard where visitors enjoy art in a welcoming, accessible environment. In assisting them to improve the visitors’ experience and encourage increased visitor numbers, First Class facilitated a day to support the customer facing managers in the creation of a customer care vision. The vision they created will be used to ensure that visitors have an experience that both meets, and, ideally, exceeds their expectations.

Customer Service Induction for a Hospitality Services Department
Designed and delivered customer service induction training for all permanent and seasonal staff for an award winning Hospitality Services department. This was supplemented with on-going training focusing on specific aspects of customer service throughout the year. This ensured that the Department delivered consistently high standards of service in a highly competitive market across catering, housekeeping, office and conference support staff.

Customer Service - Summary Northern University
First Class Working in Universities First Class was recommended by another University to the external relations department within a northern University. They were seeking facilitators who understood the University environment to work in partnership. Their objective was to show a measured improvement in the service provided to all their customers. In conjunction with a working party, First Class designed two consecutive annual away days with a 50:50 split of “fun” and “work”.

In year 1 the teams established service Charters focused on improving life for each other and working groups to achieve improvement plans. Follow up support included attending departmental development meetings, providing email and telephone support. Twelve months later they achieved a 51% increase in satisfaction in their target areas.

For year 2 the theme was improving the service to the university and external customers. Each team identified “Moments of truth” where they come into contact with customers. They developed an action plan to prevent these becoming “moments of misery” and developing potential “moments of magic”. From the event an action plan of personal and departmental changes was designed and teams of individuals with the relevant experience were asked to work on them. The successes will be celebrated at the next event.

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